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Sell Store for Cash

You have several options when the time comes to sell your jewelry business. However, one of the easiest ways to transition out the jewelry industry is to sell your business for cash. Wilkerson can help you attain maximum financial results from your jewelry store inventory.

Converting Assets into Maximum Cash

A big advantage in selling your store for cash through Wilkerson is that we can actually guarantee the success of your sale by paying you cash up front.

Wilkerson can take the responsibility of rent, insurance, labor and advertising. As professional jewelry appraisers, we can purchase your jewelry store inventory at accurate and fair prices, assist you in collecting your accounts receivables and help you sell your fixtures and equipment, or if you prefer, we can pay you cash up front for your accounts receivables, fixtures and equipment.

Hire the Experts to Help Sell Your Business

You have one opportunity to sell your business and jewelry store inventory. It is important that you do it well. Don't waste your one-time-only profit generating opportunity by running a sale and having only moderate success. Hire the experts at Wilkerson to ensure the success of your sale.

Our promise to you is backed by our national reputation for honesty as jewelry appraisers and liquidators and by our proven, successful profit generating sales strategies. Contact us for a free custom sales consultation.