Wilkerson works with our partners through nearly every imaginable situation to reach success. Whether your goal is to improve business, transition your business model, move locations or close your store, our team is here to help generate the maximum return. With hundreds of years of combined experience in the jewelry industry, we know exactly what it takes to achieve your goals.

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When you partner with us, one of our experienced consultants will come to your store to manage the event, work closely with staff, handle advertising and organize the store setup. Most of our consultants have owned jewelry stores in the past and know many facets of the business before being trained in our special event sales model. We always take special consideration in assigning you a consultant that has deep knowledge of your region and market.

Before your consultant steps foot in your store, your sale will have already been carefully mapped out and planned by our team. We’ll have established a budget, advertising plan, projected gross margin and other expenses.

Besides receiving direct management from one of our consultants, you’ll also have support from our entire in-house team. Every single day, your sale will be tracked, recorded and sent to our home office. Going this route allows us to show you real-time results to ensure we do what it takes to reach your projected goal and maximize your net returns.

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Each Wilkerson sale is customized to fit your needs and goals. Therefore, the cost all depends on how we can maximize your return on investment. In every case, we’ll provide you with a FREE consultation that includes a discussion of your strategy along with a written projection and plan. The real question is how much does it cost you in the end if you don’t hire Wilkerson?

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We understand that you have a highly-regarded store, extensive history and excellent reputation in your community. And we care about your success. That’s why we go the extra mile to maintain your image and honor your legacy while helping you reach your goals. We also provide complete confidentiality whenever we’re running a sale. Plus, our consultants have a strong background in retail jewelry. Most have even been store owners themselves.

About Us

Our wholesale division at Wilkerson searches the world to discover the best quality inventory, styles and price points. By doing this, we’re able to make our partners more successful by supplementing inventory when necessary. We will structure the event to sell your inventory first. As your inventory flies out the door, we’ll fill in the holes. Your sale will yield a higher return to shine with success using this method.

You only have one opportunity to run a closing or retirement sale. Because of this, it’s critical to maximize your results and hire an expert who’ll exceed your goals. For over five decades, Wilkerson has helped jewelers achieve financial success through customized special event sales. Offering high-level professional expertise, marketing strategies and execution, our team follows a time-tested blueprint that will elevate your profits and exceed goals.