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Going out of Business Sale

No matter the reason, closing your store is no easy endeavor. When that time comes, Wilkerson will take care of the details to help you reach success.

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Moving Sale

Is your store moving to another location? Our team will publicize this occasion, grow your customer base and even coordinate logistics.

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Retirement Sale

Honor your legacy with an event that showcases your history, sells inventory and sets you up for the future.

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Selling Your Store

If you’d rather trade your business for upfront cash, we’ll make the transaction simple, straightforward and stress-free.

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Newton's Jewelers Fort Smith, AR - Sale Results

Newton’s Jewelers

Fort Smith, AR

We entertained a couple of different people, companies, who do these kinds of sales. Basically, we wanted to do a retirement/closing sale. Some of my good friends had used Wilkerson, and they were extremely pleased, so it really made the decision for me pretty easy. I felt at home with them, and they came and visited, and they did everything I asked, and it made it very easy because you can trust them. I’m extremely happy with the way they’ve done everything.

Goal $4,951,200

Actual $8,090,400

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