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Retirement Sale

As a jewelry store owner, one of the hardest decisions you’ll ever have to make is deciding how to close down your business. Retirement is a complex transition, and Wilkerson believes it should be celebrated and embraced. Instead of looking at your retirement sale as an ending, Wilkerson views it as a new beginning for you.

A Wilkerson Run Retirement Sale

Wilkerson understands that the profits from the sale of your jewelry store are the main capitol on which you will fund your retirement. In a retirement sale, we honor the "retiree" and make your store closing a fun event.

We tailor a jewelry liquidation retirement sale to fit your particular needs, and we provide a trained Wilkerson consultant to manage the sale and to even help sell on the floor, improving your sales and producing a higher yield.

Wilkerson can even supplement your inventory when necessary. Our merchandise is priced to promote the sale of your inventory first, and as your inventory depletes, to sell ours. This allows you to receive the highest and best possible return.

One-Time Only Opportunity

You can’t retire two or three times. You have only one opportunity to run a successful retail store liquidation and retirement sale. At Wilkerson we understand that your credibility, business reputation and financial future are on the line, and we can provide you with the expert experience and caring assistance you need.

Whether you’re planning to retire next year, or next month, Wilkerson can help you devise a profitable jewelry liquidation and retirement sale celebration without worry and uncertainty.

We understand that there’s no manual on how to close down your business. Wilkerson will tailor a custom jewelry liquidation sale to provide you with the financial resources you need for a comfortable, enjoyable retirement.

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