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Types of Sales

“Clients average over 1.2 years of income during one 60 day sale.”

Whether you’re ready for the transition out of the jewelry industry, or you’re researching what type of sale would be best for you when the time is right, Wilkerson offers jewelry store promotions and store closing sales designed to earn the most money when selling your business.

Wilkerson has worked with over 5,000 jewelry store sales in the past 30 years, and over 100 last year alone, to help them achieve their goals and attain financial security. Follow the links below to learn more about Wilkerson effective store closing sales opportunities.

What other options do you have when selling your business?

Sell Your Business as a Growing Concern

This is often difficult. What gives a store value is its ability to continue as a profitable cash generating entity after you are no longer there. If you find a buyer who wants to buy the business "as is," how likely is the buyer able to pay cash or obtain outside financing? If the buyer is not able to finance the purchase, you could be forced to finance it yourself.

Finance the Sale of the Store Yourself

In financing the store closing sale yourself, you, the original owner, could be forced out of retirement to reclaim the store in worse condition than when you sold it. As you know, it's not uncommon for an arrangement such as this to end badly. Why would you gamble on the continued success of the store without your presence?

Sell Your Assets to a Bulk Buyer

Many storeowners seek to "cash out" their assets for as much as they can get. It’s true that you can collect cash and walk away without further obligations. However, you can expect to only earn approximately 25 cents on the dollar for your assets.

Run Your Own Sale

You may be able to sell your inventory to the public and realize much more than you would by selling your business to a bulk buyer. In our experience, if you run a jewelry store promotion yourself, your returns will result in only around 60 cents on the dollar, after expenses.

Custom Sales Consultation

Wilkerson has built its reputation on caring customer service, a dedication to honesty and a track record of proven successes. We can help you evaluate whether a Wilkerson sale is the best option for you in closing out your jewelry store.

Fill out our online form to Request a Free Customized Evaluation. Wilkerson’s expert associates will contact you to discuss your personal situation.