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Get the best results with Wilkerson

After analyzing, customizing, marketing, training, accounting and all of the other services Wilkerson’s provides you with when it’s time to sell your store, in the end, it’s all about successful results.

Wilkerson and Associates takes pride in providing our customers with profitable jewelry store sales that meet and exceed expectations. Over the last three decades, we’ve worked with over 5,000 jewelers. Below are just a few examples of those clients’ success.

Lacy & Co.

El Paso, TX

Previous Years Volume: $8 million
Goal: $8,321,500
Actual: $10,365,482

Susann's Custom Jewelers

Corpus Christi, TX

Previous Years Volume: $3.5 million
Goal: $3,300,000
Actual: $5,506,891

Earths Corner Jewelers

Pheonixville, PA

Previous Years Volume: $450,000
Goal: $500,000
Actual: $611,106