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Consulting Service

Depending on your goals and whether you want to develop a retirement sale, a going out of business sale or simply sell your business outright. Wilkerson can work through nearly every imaginable situation. Our in-house staff of 45 plus 60 consultants throughout the country has a combined experience of hundreds of years in the jewelry industry and can guide you. We can help.

  • Make a great store even better
  • Turn around a failing situation
  • Close your store and generate the maximum return on your assets

The Wilkerson Consultant

In conducting your sale, Wilkerson places a consultant in your store that works closely with the staff and conducts the sale on a week-to-week basis. The sale is planned out before the consultant arrives in terms of a goal, a budget, an advertising plan, other expenses, and a projected gross margin. Each day the sales are traced, entered into a computer and downloaded to our home office; you can see daily whether we are above or below the goal. The consultant handles the advertising campaign and pricing of merchandise during each week of the sale and is a strong motivator of your sales force as well.

Most of our consultants have been store owners; they know every facet of the jewelry business and they have been extensively trained in our promotional sale model. Wilkerson consultants live throughout the United States – and we always take special care to assign a consultant with deep knowledge of your region and type of market.

Business Brokerage Service

If you are interested in selling your jewelry store, Wilkerson has a nationwide registry of buyers. Our extensive resources and experience allows us to provide a turnkey service from negotiating to closing the sale.

Appraisal Service

Wilkerson completes dozens of appraisals every year on behalf of banks and lenders. Typically, they will lend only against liquidation value. Our track record in this area has made us a trusted consultant to the financial industry. If you want to know the true value of your store, we can provide the same service to you.

Buying Your Merchandise

We buy lots and entire inventories from jewelers. Regardless of any price point, Wilkerson can help you move any volume of discontinued, close-out or dated merchandise through our vast network of buyers and outlets.

The Wilkerson Approach

No single method is right for every store, so we customize the program for every jeweler. Some want a promotion on a commission basis, some on a guarantee basis, and some jewelers prefer to receive a check and hand someone the keys. In every case we provide a written projection and plan, which forms the basis of our agreement. Prior to engaging in the sale, the jeweler can consult with his accountant, attorney, family and other trusted advisors.

We will discuss your program and provide a projection for you at no cost. When Wilkerson conducts a sale, we make it pay for you…at no cost to you.

All services are provided with complete confidentiality.

Wilkerson Protects Your Hard Earned Reputation

Many jewelers have a desirable store with a highly respected name, good location and excellent reputation in the community. In such a situation, Wilkerson is ideal for running a sale. We care about your success and take special care to provide complete confidentiality.

Wilkerson sales consultants have a strong retail jewelry background. Most have experience as store owners and are sensitive to the things that are important to jewelers such as image in the community and the need to be successful. Our mission is to help you achieve your goals.

Wilkerson Can Provide You with 
Promotional Merchandise

Wilkerson has a wholesale division that covers the world constantly looking for the inventory, styles and price points that can help make jewelers more successful. Our jewelry sales representatives cover every state in the USA. They have been thoroughly trained and have an extensive knowledge of your region and market type.

For the jeweler, we offer attractive terms and guaranteed sales that make Wilkerson easy to do business with.

You Have One Opportunity to Make Your Sales Successful. Hire an Expert

You only have one opportunity to run a retirement or going-out-of-business sale. It is critical that you maximize the results. If you have been running your own sales with varying success, why would you expect extraordinary results for this type of sale? The best way to ensure the success of your sale is to hire an expert. Wilkerson has proven time and again that we can maximize the return on your inventory.

When you enter into a transitional program with Wilkerson, you begin a process with real, true, honest and time-tested goals. The win-win outcome is the result of the Wilkerson Team bringing you a process that has worked for many decades, and applying it to your store.

This process is called THE WILKERSON WAY and it illustrates the entire process of a successful transition. The proprietary methods on inventory analysis, sales projections, marketing and advertising support, sales training and merchandising are part of a SYSTEM OF SUCCESS that is exclusive to Wilkerson.

THE WILKERSON WAY is a confidential report and program designed by the Wilkerson organization based upon all the appropriate information derived from your business. This plan is like a BLUEPRINT FOR SUCCESS. And, it’s part of the process when you begin to explore the possibilities of CONVERTING YOUR STORE(S) INVENTORY OF JEWELRY INTO HARD CASH! It’s that simple.

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