In my opinion, you have to turn this over to people who know what they are doing. - Don & Pat Fite, Busch Jewelers

I would suggest that no matter what your plans are, they are a good company to talk with. They have a almost scientific approach, a real strategy. - Carole Ridding, Silverhorn Jewelers

They're going to maximize your sale and give you the most money that you can walk away with. - Torin Bales, Torin Bales Fine Jewelry

What they did worked. It 100% worked. - Sandy Thalheimer, Thalheimer Jewelers

We exceeded my wildest expectations, doing nearly two years of business during our 14 week event! - Ron Beauchamp, Beauchamp Jewelers

We think like jewelers because many of us have been jewelers — Bobby Wilkerson

If I could have known I could sell so much jewelry in three months, I would have done it every year. — Judi Bufkin, Judith Ann Jewels

I wouldn't consider moving a store, closing a store, or retiring from a store in any market without first talking to Wilkerson - Shane Woodruff, Crocker's Jewelers

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July 24 - 26, 2021

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