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Closing Sale/Going out of Business

Liquidating your inventory or closing a store with a jewelry store going out of business sale can be a very profitable avenue to venture as a jewelry store owner. However, conducting a going out of business sale without the aid of Wilkerson expertise is anything but wise. In our experience, running such a promotion yourself results in significantly lower returns on your merchandise — somewhere around 60 cents on the dollar, after expenses.

Raise Cash for Relocation, More Stores or Refresh Inventory
Are your sales reflecting a downward trend?
Are you concerned about your cash flow?
Do you need to raise quick capital?

Wilkerson will tailor a store closing sale to fit your needs. We provide professional expertise through a trained consultant to manage the sale and to sell on your floor to improve sales and produce a higher profit.

More Profits from Your Sale

Results from Wilkerson sales indicate that we can help you get, on average, $1.21 on the dollar for your inventory, after expenses, and some sales net even more. A recently completed Wilkerson jewelry store going out of business sale generated $2.00 for inventory plus cash received for all of the store’s furnishings and fixtures.

At Wilkerson, we will only recommend a sale when the sale will be financially advantageous to you. With a Wilkerson managed store closing sale you can be assured that we will make the sale a profit producing venture. You have only one opportunity to take advantage of a store closing sale. Wilkerson can bring you new customers and help you raise the capital you need.

Free Sales Consultation

Wilkerson would appreciate the opportunity to prove to you that a going out of business sale we conduct will get you considerably higher results than one you can produce on your own. We will be glad to furnish projections for your store, comparing results of a sale you can conduct with results from a Wilkerson sale. Contact us for a Free Sales Consultation.